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No, we're not sisters

ELKIN are an alt-pop duo based in Dublin, Ireland x

Ellen and Carla were writing and singing together from the age of 15 before taking their music to a new level as ELKIN. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Joni Mitchell the duo began writing and performing folk-pop, but it wasn’t until they began working with producer lullahush that ELKIN blended their love of thought-provoking folk lyrics with fierce alt-pop production.

ELKIN made their mark in 2019 with singles Green Eyes, Cut My Tongue and DIY, as well as releasing Fall So Easy, a collaboration with Cork producer 1000 Beasts. The self-managed duo have received growing support with ELKIN being selected to perform at showcases such as Whelan’s Ones to Watch, Music Cork and Ireland Music Week.

2020 saw O’Mahony and Ryan continuing this momentum with new release Win Win alongside performances around Ireland. With the Covid pandemic putting a halt to their other plans, the duo spent the rest of the year writing and recording a string of singles to be released throughout 2021. This collection includes sardonic break-up track Tuesday and dreamy, anthemic Tokens. ELKIN are ones to watch with the explosive, feminist club-banger Bodies released on October 28th accompanied by its B-side Ghostin.